Value Based Payment Systems

Maximize MIPS, HEDIS, and Surplus Sharing implications on the bottom line.

Value based payment systems

MIPS/APM – Get Your Full Incentive’s Worth!

Whether you are a MIPS or APM eligible provider, incentives are no longer just “gravy”. They make increasingly a portion of the Medicare reimbursement. We help you getting the full benefit of these value based payments. What others offer as one-fits-all webinar, or podcast deluge, we take pride in making sure you and your staff understand, participate in the creation of workflows, and are comfortable with the outcomes. We build success from the ground up. Sustainable, scalable, and future-oriented.

Can Accountable and Risk Care be Good Medicine and still Profitable?

We leave the clinical part to you. But we can give you guidance on the financial aspects of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Risk Management contracts, and their many incarnations. We look at the way your practice works today, design future states with you, and calculate the possible financial scenarios.

Taking risks is part of medicine. Running a practice should be calculated.

We can help.

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