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30 Sep

The Best Practice Valuation Agency in Sarasota

Whether you’re selling, acquiring, or expanding a clinic in the neighborhood, a practice valuation agency in Sarasota is essential. An appraisal such as one from Accelerated Medical ensures the price truly reflects the value of the institution. 

Buying and selling medical practices 

When you sell or buy a practice, it is essential to seek expert advice from the professionals. As you know, medical properties are not like other businesses. For this reason, it pays to enlist the expertise of an agent who is well versed in the medical industry. 

Accelerated Medical provides solutions specifically tailored to the medical profession. In addition to valuations, we provide medical billing and coding services as well and contracts and credentialing.

Our Sarasota-based practice valuation agency can help you in several ways. On the one hand, we can assess the current practice you wish to sell. On the other hand, we can evaluate the property you wish to purchase or buy in to. Furthermore, we also offer support if you are looking to expand, dissolve, or bring in a new partner. 

Sales: How our practice evaluation agency determines the value of your business

If you are looking to sell, we will assess your practice’s value and provide an honest analysis. Our observation will cover the size of your practice, your staffing, and your medical specialty. We will take into account all tangible and intangible assets to form our appraisal. All we ask is that your books are in order first!

Acquisitions: How we can support you

If you are purchasing a Sarasota practice, it helps to partner with a local practice valuation agency – especially if you are new to town. Our comprehensive assessment won’t leave any stone unturned! We consider the clinic’s profitability, the condition of the building, the current systems in place, and more. 

If you’re happy with the assistance you receive from us, you may also benefit from our new practice start-up service.

Our approach and values

Choosing a company to handle a practice valuation is a big decision – you need to feel secure about your decision. 

This is what our practice valuation agency in Sarasota can offer you: 

  • Tailored solution: Every practice is unique. This means that every valuation must also be unique. Our customized assessment of your practice is based on thorough observations and analysis.
  • Transparency: We are firm believers that transparency leads to trust, and we want our clients to trust us. Throughout the journey of assessing your business, we will communicate to keep you informed.
  • Experience: Our team consists of certified professionals. All are experienced in the field of analyzing clinics and practices. This gives you peace of mind that we’ll provide an accurate assessment. 

Contact us

If you need a practice valuation agency in Sarasota, give us a call at Accelerated Medical. We are available at 727-781-8460, Monday to Friday 8 am – 5 pm. Alternatively, you can contact us online.

Remember, we offer a free consultation before you commit to using our service. This enables us to answer any questions you might have.