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2 Nov

Revenue Cycle Management: A Key To Success

Revenue cycle management in Sarasota is an integral element to any physician’s office or medical clinic. A slick billing system means that your patients leave feeling reassured and that payment is settled promptly and void of error.

We know that medical administrators already have plenty on their plate, managing a busy clinic. That’s why we have created a prestigious and reliable RCM structure to alleviate the admin.

Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management in Sarasota

As a physician, you can, of course, choose to keep your revenue cycle management in-house. Alternatively, you can outsource to a third party, such as Accelerated Medical. 

Outsourcing is the most popular option by far. This is because such management firms are experts in the field. We are on top of any changes and software developments, and medical billers continuously undergo training to ensure they provide the best service. 

However, if you are blessed with an advanced IT department at your clinic, you could certainly opt to manage your RCM.

Our approach to RCM

Revenue cycle management with Accelerated Medical is a comprehensive package. We take care of everything from medical billing and coding to collections. 

Our philosophy is that every patient is unique and that every medical collection should also be considered unique. We have developed an articulate system that streamlines revenue cycle management. What’s more, our expert medical billers are even available to speak directly to your patients. 

The Accelerated Medical solution

At Accelletare Medical, we offer a three-tier medical billing, coding, and collections process as follows;

  • Billing: Our medical billers devote their working days to raising and processing claims for medical services rendered. This includes registering the patient and collecting personal and insurance information. As a result, we can determine who is responsible for footing the bill for medical care. 
  • Coding: Once the patient leaves the clinic, the biller sends the collected details to a medical coder. This coder compiles all relevant information for the next steps in the billing process. For example, the provider and physician’s name, details of procedures performed, and codes for the diagnosis and procedure. 
  • Collections: The final stage of the revenue cycle management in Sarasota is the collections. This is where the coded claim is submitted to the insurance provider, and payment is settled. 

Let us make your job easier 

That is a very simple overview of RCM. However, let’s face the facts – the Revenue cycle management in Sarasota is a lengthy process with so many ends to tie up. It’s easy to make errors, but our fleet of medical billers. 

In addition to our RCM offering, Accelerated Medical also offers contract and credentialing. Specifically, for start-up clinics, we provide consultation services. 

Contact us

Find out more about revenue cycle management in Sarasota when you contact the Accelerated Medical team. Our team is available at 727-781-8460, Monday to Friday 8 am – 5 pm. Alternatively, you can contact us online.

Remember, we offer a free consultation before you decide to use our service.