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If your practice is experiencing delays and denials from insurance companies, it’s probably time to find the professional medical coder Sarasota practitioners depend on. Medical coders are at the heart of the billing process as we play a vital role in helping you generate revenue for your practice. We understand the coding process and speak the same language as insurance companies. As a result, we ensure accurate billing for each patient visit, so you make the most of your time. Here’s why you need a professional medical coder like Accelerated Medical for your practice.

What Is a medical Coder?

A professional medical coder reviews patient files and translates the details of their appointments into universal codes used by insurance companies. They assign the right codes to avoid issues that can lead to delays in receiving your payments. It is your responsibility to keep up to date on new coding rules and initiatives. However, this is impossible for most practitioners. Medical coders easily achieve this goal, so doctors and health care practitioners can focus on caring for patients.

What are the Benefits of Using a Professional?

A professional medical coder speaks the same language as insurance companies. We remain on top of the latest terms and how code applies to treatments. Coders know everything from diagnosis and treatment, to coding unusual circumstances during patient visits or procedures. Medical coders offer many benefits to your practice including:

  • They ensure coding accuracy to improve accurate and timely reimbursement
  • Clinical documentation is improved helping you capture patient severity and complexity
  • Ongoing internal audits help target high-risk areas that can be improved
  • Assist in keeping the team up to date on regulatory and coding changes
  • Introducing denial management strategies to identify and overcome insurance denials

Efficiency is improved while team workload and dealing with insurance companies is reduced.

How the Professional Medical Coders Sarasota Clinics Use Will Increase Revenues

Our professional medical coder follow best practices to ensure coding is correct, so reimbursements are prompt without risk of discrepancies, audits, or denials. As a result, revenues increase through accuracy and diligence in being as thorough as possible in the coding process. With a professional, you avoid common issues, thus enhancing revenue growth including:

  • Coding compliance: Billing mistakes can cause your practice to hemorrhage profits. With accuracy and compliance, you avoid audits and keep denials or discrepancies to a minimum.
  • Proper use of diagnosis and procedure codes: To obtain maximum reimbursement proper use of diagnosis and procedure codes is a must. Coding accurately while not missing any opportunities to bill improves reimbursement. You also avoid incomplete or inaccurate coding that costs you money.
  • Proper modifiers use: Modifiers inform the payer of special circumstances not commonly used on general coding. If used wrong claims can be denied. If not used at all you miss out on higher reimbursements.
  • Reporting telemedicine services: Telemedicine has a set of codes that can be claimed by practitioners yet many miss out on this opportunity due to poor coding.
  • Chronic care management (CCM) denials: Conflicts between caregivers often lead to denials. Our coders contact other practitioners and specialists to ensure timing is correct to reduce denials.
  • Correct codes for transitional care management (TCM): TCM is often targeted by auditors. As a result, it leads to delays as well as denials.

By improving in all these areas, your collections improve, and you can begin to see growth in your profits.

How a Professional Medical Coder Can Reduce Number of Days Paid

The number of days it takes to get paid can lag due to several coding issues. The more coding issues there are, the longer it takes for insurance companies to process each claim. One of the most common causes of delays is coding errors. Being paid in a timely manner improves cash flow so you aren’t constantly in the red. Our professional medical coders reduce the number of days between service and claim submissions. They are available to code each day, so claims don’t sit around piling up.

Most practitioners find out the hard way about how even the simplest mistake such as choosing the wrong code or not claiming a code that is perfectly acceptable costs money. Using a professional medical coder Sarasota clinics depend on is the easiest way to improve revenues and reduce costs. It helps you keep up with the latest coding rules and initiatives while also ensuring every patient visit and interaction is tracked and claimed for optimum reimbursements.

If you are finding insurance company denials increase, have a pile-up of charts to code or reimbursements are slow to arrive, a professional medical coder Sarasota company like Accelerated Medical is the perfect solution. Accelerated Medical Billing also specializes in practice valuations. Call us today to see how we can help you at (727)781-8460 or contact us online.

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