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As a healthcare provider in Sarasota, your business is saving lives and making the ill well. To do this job effectively, you need money to fund your practice, pay your employees, and pay your own bills. Streamlining the medical claim process isn’t as straightforward as those outside the medical world might think. It takes advanced knowledge of medical billing and coding practice. Fortunately, this is where professional collection and billing companies like Accelerated Medical excel.

Outsourcing your medical billing and coding to a third-party is a big step. It requires careful consideration and research. Having worked with the medical community in Sarasota we understand the seriousness of this decision and we’re here to help you.

How Does Hiring A Third-Party Help?

Choosing to outsource your medical billing and coding to a third-party takes the pressure off you and your team to translate every diagnosis into the proper code before billing takes place. At Accelerated Medical, our team is well-versed in modern medical codes and can read a chart and distinguish the correct codes required for billing. By reviewing records, researching and providing appropriate documentation, you save time and resources better spent on patient wellness.

The business of outsourcing coding has grown over the past decade. With many medical practitioners realizing the advantages of using outside help.

Benefits of Hiring Outside Help 

Before a medical coder can begin translating charts into the appropriate codes, they must be trained in current standards and procedures. Certification is required in Sarasota for coders to begin working with medical practices. For healthcare providers with in-house coding, this means taking time to train and money to pay for certification. Opting for outside help is significant in terms of time and money spent.

There are many benefits to using a medical billing and coding company, such as:

  • No Time Lost Looking for Coding Employees – Employees proficient in medical code are hard to come by, especially if you are seeking candidates with up to date training and certification. By hiring an external coding company, you reduce the time spent hiring qualified candidates.
  • It also minimizes time spent on the actual training of these internal medical coders. This guarantees maximum time spent with patients and other in-house practices that require your time.
  • No Time Lost During Vacation or Sick Leave – All businesses run of efficiency, especially medical practices. When the energy you expend is equal to the earnings you bring in, your firm is succeeding. When employees require sick leave, this ratio becomes skewed. Hiring an outside company to manage medical billing and coding diminishes the possibility that sick time or vacation leave will impede productivity.
  • Third-party coding professionals hire enough staff to ensure there are always enough employees to retrieve correct medical codes quickly and effectively. At Accelerated Medical, we pride ourselves on always meeting quota, even during high volume times.
  • Less Spent on Wages for Internal Coders – The wage a medical billing and coding professional earns is significant. Taking on an entire salary plus benefits is a big undertaking for a medical practice already paying doctors, nurses, administration and reception.
  • Using external resources to run complete medical coding leaves more financial resources for the rest of your staff. The amount paid on a third-party coding service is more affordable than taking on a full-time employee with an annual salary.
  • More Resources During High Volume Times – As your patient base grows, and especially during busy times of the year like flu season, you may experience higher than normal volumes of patient traffic. This creates a backlog of coding to perform as it gets tougher to make it through one patient’s chart before the next arrives.
  • Professional medical billing and coding services take care of the overflow by providing ample employees to oversee coding progress.
  • Consistent Documentation and Quality Coding – The quality of your coding is essential not only to the upkeep of permanent records but to ensure your clinic meets all health and safety standards set forth by Florida state laws. At Accelerated Medical we provide ongoing documentation of each code processed. We also always guarantee consistency for high-quality medical code provision.

Why Accelerated Medical is the Best Choice for Professional Medical Billing and Coding

Accelerated Medical is a professional medical billing and coding company. All our employees are trained and certified to work as medical coders in Sarasota. As a business, we strive to deliver results for our clients. By relieving the bulk of coding weight from your practice, your staff is free to manage patients and increase productivity.

For more information on the services provided by Accelerated Medical, contact us today or call us at (727) 781-8460 . From collecting unpaid medical debt to ensuring your coding is up to par, we’re here to help.