Practice Transition Support

Whether you migrate computer systems or integrate satellite offices, we lend our expertise to transitional projects.

Practice Transition Support | Sarasota | Accelerated Medical Billing

System Migrations does not have to be Painful

Changing computer systems is a big undertaking in a medical office. While we are far from the “paperless” office once imagined, without functional computer system most practices today would be inoperable. Therefore, changing software or hardware can be traumatic. We have helped countless practices to manage their migration from paper to electronic records, from one to another EHR system, or from server to cloud-based networks. Transitions like these require detailed project planning and in-depth knowledge of the architecture of medical systems.

We bring the knowledge and work out a detailed project plan with you and the vendor(s). Then we oversee the implementation phase and trouble-shoot the inevitable unforeseen. Only your sign-off completes the transition.

We are with you all the way.