Practice Transition Support Specialist | Sarasota

A practice transition support specialist can be vital to the smooth running of your Sarasota medical office. Changes in your practice are inevitable.

Having an expert working with you to make these practice changeovers smooth and error free will give you peace of mind. You and your staff will remain focused on patient service and satisfaction.

Typical Medical Office Transition

An expert will help you move through transitions in a way that is most seamless for your office. Not only this but a specialist will greatly decrease the margin of error that may occur.

Your medical office staff are the experts at office management and patient relations, not to mention taking care of your Sarasota patients. It is in the best interest of your office and for your patients for each of your staff to do what they do best, to say nothing of allocating your resources efficiently.

Our practice transition support specialists are the experts at helping our clients make various migrations cost-effectively with ease and without loss of continuity.

Here are some of the changes your office may experience:

  • Systems migrations – Accelerated Medical Billing will help you gather information and analyze your practice, as well as help you determine what is best for your practice. Then leave the implementation to us.
    • Changing computer systems, software or hardware – You may be considering changing your practice management software. Our Sarasota specialists will work with you to assess your practice and your needs and help you decide the best PMS for your current needs.
    • Paper to electronic records – All patient records will have to be scanned and summarized in a new electronic system. A practice transition support specialist will save your staff countless hours, manpower and misdirected resources.
    • Changing Electronic Health Record systems – Timing, budget and specialty are important considerations. This is an investment for the long game of your Sarasota practice. Accelerated Medical Billing can help you choose the system and timing that is just right for your particular practice.
    • Migrating from local servers to cloud based networks – Cloud based is more scalable than local server-based models.
  • Integrate satellite offices – Consolidating may improve continuity of care, not to mention reduce duplication of services.

Other Support Specialist Services

  1. Practice valuation
  2. Billing and collections
  3. Medical coding
  4. New practice startup

How a Practice Transition Support Specialist Will Work with You

An initial consultation with one of our certified professionals will start with finding out about you.

  • Your dreams for your practice
  • Personal goals
  • Patient demographics
  • Your needs
  • How we can best get you there

Our experts will assess your medical practice, analyze data and conduct interviews. They will consult with you again with a custom-tailored plan to get your business to where you would like it to go. After this will be the implementation. Discretion, a smooth changeover, and above all, accuracy are what you can expect from your practice transition support specialist.

Accelerated Medical Billing

Accelerated Medical Billing serves Sarasota medical practices with excellence. All our professionals have years of experience and are certified. In addition, our practice transition support specialists are up-to-date on all rules and regulations.

Every client is different, and each solution is designed with you and is unique for your benefit. We never outsource, not only this but we work with you through every step in the process. The healthcare environment is continually changing.

It is important for us to create a space for independent practices to not just survive but also thrive. Our mission is to create long-term relationships by designing solutions with and for each client. We want to provide decision support for the longevity of your medical practice.

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