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The medical world relies on the knowledge of practitioners and administration to manage everything from treatment to finances. Medical coding in Bradenton is essential to correspondence with insurance providers and patients. If your medical practice is having trouble with its RCM, improper coding could be the culprit. At Accelerated Medical we specialize in Medical coding in Bradenton. Being a Florida-based company, we’re passionate about helping local medical practices improve finances and remain successful. Here are some of the key things to note when it comes to medical coding.

All Medical Code is Necessary Code

It’s easy to assume that the jargon on a sheet of paper is unessential to the overall success of a practice. However, each diagnosis, service, and piece of equipment is assigned an alphanumeric code specifically to streamline note taking, lab results, and record keeping. This code is also essential for billing, as it provides pertinent information to insurance companies and medical practices regarding the care and price a patient should receive. The AAPC or American Academy of Professional Coders designs each code to correspond with diagnoses, procedures and other documentation important for the care of a patient.

Billing Coding and Medical Coding in Bradenton are Different

It’s important to note that medical coding in Bradenton is not the same as billing code used by a CRM. This information needs to be converted for billing use. This amplifies the importance of proper codes being used because patients could be over or under billed depending on what a billing processional reads on a medical form. For a medical practice, the financial success you achieve is directly affected by the accuracy of medical coding. If improper codes are used, it could result in incorrect insurance claims and denied treatment to the patient or payment to the practitioner. Some of the most common coding mistakes involve unbundling, which is the use of multiple codes at once.

Modern Coding and Support for Coders

The current code used in the United States is called ICD-11. When used correctly it has the power to enhance a medical practice’s overall performance and income. It’s important to note that an internal auditing process helps to ensure all coding is up to date and accurate. Continued education for billing and medical coding in Bradenton is crucial to these efforts. Working with a medical coding and billing management company helps guarantee that these standards are met, and the RCM is properly maintained.

How Our Core Beliefs and Values Benefit You

Accelerated Billing put our client’s needs first. Our values as a company ensures that you, the client, receive the highest level service. Specifically: Our professionals maintain up to date certifications. We listen to what you want and create a solution unique to you, the client. You will always get personal customer service. We never pass you to a third party. Transparency is key to trust; therefore, you will always have access to your data. We are current with the latest and best practices in our industry. Open communication means that you always have our ear. Let us know if there are any additional ways we can provide outstanding service to you, our important client.

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Accelerated Medical is a prominent member of the Florida medical community. Working with hospitals, private practices, and more, we strive to ensure that our clients are successful in delivering high-quality medical care without the need to worry about managing finances. While the health and wellness of patients should always be the highest priority of any medical facility, it’s important to note that no business can succeed without an income. Working together with Accelerated Medical your firm will excel both inpatient care and RCM. For more information on medical coding in Bradenton, revenue cycle management, and other services, contact Accelerated Medical today.