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At Accelerated Medical we specialize in helping your practice improve your revenue by capitalizing on incentive structures. The medical credentialing Clearwater practices depend on plays a key role in allowing you to provide uninterrupted patient care. We ensure your credentials are kept up to date providing secure servers and updated carrier platforms. Our team specializes in keeping your documentation up to date. This way, you never see interruptions in payouts or fail to have the proper credentials available to remain operational.

What is Medical Credentialing?

We evaluate your current license, training, and experience, competence, and ability to verify you have the qualifications to care for your patients or perform medical procedures. The process is complicated as without medical credentialing you will face challenges in meeting the requirements of:

  • Third-party payers
  • Organizational standards of accrediting bodies
  • Expansion of your scopes of service

Medical credentialing is now a process required by health care practices, surgical centers, and long-term care organizations.

The Medical Credentialing in Clearwater that Practices Need

As a healthcare practitioner, medical credentialing is required before you provide care to your patients. The process requires both pre-application and the application itself. The actual application then requires re-credentialing and renewal every two years. Your organization is responsible for maintaining the privileges and credentialing of the practicing medical providers at your clinic.

You must validate the competency of your medical team using the credentialing and privileging processes required under both state and federal laws. Medical credentialing is tied to both accreditation standards, as well as reimbursement. Detailed and consistent credentialing and privileging is the best way to ensure your practice remains sustainable. Without these processes in place, you’ll face challenges that negatively impact your ability to practice. This is where we can help.

Comprehensive Monitoring

We provide medical credentialing to keep participating providers in your health insurance network up to date. This includes requesting, contracting, and enrolling with the plan. Accelerated Medical also submits copies of licenses, insurance, signed contracts, and other documentation to the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare system. Most insurance providers use this system to access up to date documents. This is an important stage of the enrollment process.

What We Do

When outsourcing medical credentialing, Clearwater practices need a team of dedicated specialists focused on handling medical credentialing. Accelerated Medical is that team. We are with you from start to finish, beginning with a review of needs specific to your network. We find and evaluate the top payers in your area and provide a contract for the work required.

Our team collects your documents to begin the process with the insurance company. We pride ourselves in following up with every application, so nothing is missed. You will receive updates on the status of your application so you know when you can start to submit your claims.

Complete Transparency

Each of our clients receives a quick response to their requests. We believe in transparency throughout the process. Our team takes full ownership of the process, so you never need to worry about dealing directly with your insurance companies. We not only assist in enrollment, but also ensure you receive your reimbursements from third-party providers efficiently. In turn, your practice can run more efficiently. You will free up administrative time allowing you to become more productive.

Our Medical Credentialing Representatives

You will work with a personal credentialing representative assigned to your practice. This is the best way to ensure you receive the top-notch service you deserve. You will know who to speak to and they will be familiar with your account. Because medical credentialing takes time, we make everything easier with our integrated software which automates the process. This includes enrollment and updates so even third-party payers can pay you quickly. Your team saves time on the paperwork, and you save money in labor costs. This results in improved patient care, which helps you grow your practice.

Leading Edge Technology

We use PrognoCIS (?) software to bring leading-edge technology to our comprehensive credentialing service. This is the best tool available as it automates the application, update and follow up process. We cover everything from beginning to end, providing enrollment for:

  • Medicare/Medicaid group
  • Medicare/Medicaid individual
  • Medicare revalidations

There are no worries of missed expiry dates, as PrognoCIS performs ongoing yearly maintenance to spot expiration dates on:

  • Medical licenses
  • Board certifications
  • CEU’s and more

We ensure expiries never interfere with your practice and your CAQHs and NPIs will also be updated.

If you would like more information about the Accelerated Medical credentialing and maintenance, and professional coding services we offer, speak to our team today
727-781-8460 or contact us here. You are sure to find the medical credentialing Clearwater practices required to provide patients with top-quality care.