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16 Nov

Medical Collections – Why Outsource?

Medical collections in Bradenton are a significant cog in the wheel of running a healthcare clinic. Without a solid revenue cycle management system in place, you run the risk of missing payments. So keeping your books balanced is a vital component to the running of your operation.

The latest statistics show that 20.7 percent of Floridians have unpaid medical debts to settle. Furthermore, the longer a debt remains unsettled, the more likely the monies will never be recovered. 

However, an eagle-eyed medical collections firm will make sure that this is something you never need to worry about.

Customized medical collections in Bradenton

Of course, a physician’s office can keep their medical collections in-house. But, it’s increasingly more popular to outsource it to a third party. At the end of the day, using an external agency means you have less chance of losing any revenue through missed payments. 

Each state operates under slightly different medical procedures. This is why we advise healthcare professionals to approach a local medical collections service if you wish to outsource.

At Accelerated Medical, we know that every clinic and patient is unique. To deliver the highest standard, we work across all three types of medical billing systems in healthcare. Ultimately we work with you to find the best solution for your needs. 

State of the arc software

Furthermore, we use innovative software to handle your medical collections in Bradenton. We recently launched a brand new patient billing and communications platform – Inbox Health.

This revolutionary system makes it crystal clear to your patients and insurers what each party must pay. And, making the most of modern technology, patients have the option to deal with our medical collections team over digital chat. 

In addition to streamlining the patient’s experience, our software also yields smoother payments – around 50% faster!

Insurance protocol 

One of the benefits of outsourcing your medical collections in Bradenton is that it spares your internal finance team from dialogues with insurers. Talking to insurers can feel like a laborious task for your workforce. 

Insurance information must be collected prior to treatment. This lessens the risk of surprises further down the line in the revenue cycle management. If a patient is confused when they see their bill, this can slow down the payment process.

Discrepancies and even the most marginal errors in a patient’s insurance information can lead to delays in receiving payment. Our team is meticulously trained to file error-free paperwork. However, if there is an oversight and the insurers require any follow up, our collections team will make the necessary call to the insurers. That frees up your in-house team to keep your clinic ticking away. 

Contact us

To discuss your need for medical collections in Bradenton, give us a call at Accelerated Medical. We are available to talk at 727-781-8460, Monday to Friday 8 am – 5 pm. Alternatively, you can contact us online, and we will reply promptly. 

Remember, we offer our prospective clients a free consultation before you commit to using our service.