Medical Billing and Collections | Sarasota

Efficient medical billing and collections in Sarasota is an integral part of providing your patients with high-quality care. 

As a medical office, you want every patient to have a pleasant experience from beginning to end. Ideally, everything from making an appointment, to checking in, to seeing the doctor, to paying their bill is simple and seamless. 

Unfortunately, with all the moving pieces involved in running a medical office, some things fall through the cracks. A code entered incorrectly, discrepancies in a patient’s insurance information, denied claims, and late payments all cause headache, delay, stress, and financial issues. ( Want to know how much a medical affects your credit? Find out here. ) These administrative issues happening behind the scenes can negatively impact your business and can take away from your patient’s experience.  

Don’t get bogged down in insurance, claims, coding, and collection. Handoff medical billing and collections to a solution expert you can trust and that follows the medical billing and collections process. will help ensure you’re focused on providing the best care possible. 

“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” – Steve Jobs

Why Choose Accelerated Billing?

At Accelerated Billing, we offer customized solutions to help support your practice in the changing healthcare environment. When you choose us to manage your medical billing and collections in Sarasota, you’re choosing:

  1. Skilled, experienced, and certified professionals who understand the process including coding, billing, and collections
  2. A customized solution designed specifically for how you manage your practice. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach or a generic questionnaire. We believe in learning about you, your business, and your goals and creating a solution that will help your practice excel. 
  3. Personal service from a local team. With Accelerated Billing, you’ll never receive a ticket number or automated customer service. We’re here with you to help with everything from contracting and credentialing to front office procedures, chart prep, coding advice, and template design. 
  4. A teammate you can trust. You see what we see when it comes to data. Whatever your practice needs to function at its best – we’re here to help you get it. 

How We Can Help with Medical Billing and Collections in Sarasota

Here are a few ways we can help take your practice to the next level customized medical billing and collections solutions in Sarasota. 

Proper Coding

An efficient medical billing and collections solution will include standard coding that’s recognized across all areas of medical care. This includes insurance companies, medical practices, and relevant care related agencies such as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). All parties must recognize the codes because they all tie together. When we implement proper coding, it will allow you to have uniform billing. Proper coding also avoids delays and changes by explaining clearly what treatment/tests are required based on the diagnosis. When you enter a diagnosis code, it will prove to insurance companies that the procedures, tests, or treatments performed are warranted.

Insurance Information

Collecting accurate insurance information is an essential step in medical billing and collections in Sarasota. Any discrepancies or errors in a patient’s insurance information can lead to issues and delays in receiving claims and payment. Delayed payments cause stress on financials and your billing team. To ensure accuracy and avoid delays, your organization must collect insurance information before seeing a patient. This preauthorization will ensure the patient understands all associated costs. This way, when a patient receives their bill, they know what’s covered by insurance and what they’re responsible for paying. Eliminate confusion, eliminate delays. 

Efficient Collection

Past due payments from patients cause financial stress on your practice and your team. The late payment fees and past due amounts are often ineffective and inefficient. Not only because the later a payment is, the less likely it will ever get paid. But because it costs your practice more money to process late payments. This is because staff must make more calls and have to make arrangements for payment plans, etc.

At Accelerated Billing, we strongly advise requesting patient payments before booking treatments or required tests. Advanced payment help to avoid collection issues and therefore avoid financial and billing department stress. 

Denied Claims

A denied claim can happen for many reasons. More often than not, it’s the result of a miscommunication about coverage between a patient and their commercial payer. In the event of a denied claim by a commercial payer, your team can appeal the decision and ask for clarifications or explanations. While the cause of the denied claim may be innocent, the level of effort required to correct the issue is timely and costly.  

This is another reason why we strongly encourage practices to confirm all information upfront. 

Confirming insurance information, discussing costs, and requesting upfront payment are all essential in establishing efficient medical billing and collections in Sarasota, Florida. 

If you want to improve your patient experience, provide better care, and eliminate unnecessary stress on your practice’s administrative and billing teams, we can help. At Accelerated Billing, we offer customized solutions to help support your practice in the changing healthcare environment.

Accelerated Medical Billing follows all these processes, if this is something that you are interested in than hire the best. We provide new practice start-up, practice valuations and more. Call us today at (727) 781-8460 or contact us here.