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24 Jun

Medical Billers Save the Day in Sarasota

Medical billers are an essential part of the US healthcare service. As you know, any healthcare service or medical treatment comes with a pile of paperwork. But billers streamline the payment process for you. Ultimately, this ensures that all medical providers get paid without a hitch. 

After all, we know healthcare workers have more than enough to think about! Partnering with a reputable billing service can relieve you of the extra admin. This is precisely where the team at Accelerated Medical step into the picture. 

What do Medical Billers Do?

Medical billers in Sarasota are responsible for submitting bills and claims in a timely fashion. This may be direct to the patient. Or, more often than not, to the patient’s insurance provider. On some occasions, billers will appeal a denied claim. 

Upon completion of medical treatment, billers present a bill for services rendered. This is compiled by adding the procedure cost to the existing balance (if applicable). Billers then deduct the amount covered by the insurance provider. 

In any medical scenario, there are essentially three parties: 

  • First, we have the patient. 
  • Next, we have the hospital, clinic, or any other medical provider. 
  • Third and finally is the insurance company. Usually, they are footing the medical bill. 

Billers such as our team connect the three parties. Billers negotiate and streamline the payment process. In summary, they make sure that medical providers are compensated for their services. 

The Daily Work of Sarasota Medical Billers 

Medical billers spend their days raising and processing claims for services rendered. They guarantee that each claim is compliant and clean or free from errors. A clean claim is processed more rapidly and thus ensures prompt payment. As the claim is created, billers use the diagnosis codes to populate the claim. 

Medical billers handle a patient’s records on a daily basis. They take the necessary information to create accurate medical bills.

How do Accelerated Medical Billers Operate 

All medical billers at Accelerated Medical are experts in the field of billing. As certified professionals, they continue to receive regular training. This ensures that they are on top of the current rules and regulations and aware of any changes. 

Medical billers in Sarasota FL are well-versed with terminology and the coding system. Furthermore, they are aware of what type of claim each insurance payer accepts.

Our team works in tandem with the patient and healthcare service. We never outsource our work to external contractors. This means that an advisor is available at any time during the process.

Other Accelerated Medical Services 

Besides our team of medical billers, we also offer the following services:

Accelerated Medical customize all of our services to suit your personal needs. That applies to medical billing and beyond!

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