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15 Oct

Future Talk: Billing Management Agency

Ask any billing management agency in Sarasota about where they see their business going. They’ll surely say, ‘through the roof!’

That’s because medical billing is one of the fastest-growing fields in the healthcare industry. There is a bright future ahead for medical billing business throughout the US. So, today we’re going to share exactly why.

Medical billing management is a growing market 

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the medical coding and billing industry will grow by 8% before 2029. As a result, we will see almost 30,000 job openings. 

Our aging population is driving this boom in business. As a percentage of our citizens enter retirement, the demand for billing management agencies soars.

It’s embracing modern technology 

As we rely more on digital medical billing methods, the healthcare industry is swiftly embracing modern technology. Over the next five years, the software will become more sophisticated, accurate and advanced. This means that there is a clamor for medical billers who are computer literate. 

Sharpened expertise, speed & accuracy

But that’s not all. We’re also looking at sophisticated, accurate and advanced billing professionals! Billing agents require thorough training and certification to do their job. Without their flawless itemizations of procedures, services and costs, providers wouldn’t be able to collect reimbursement. This would have a devastating effect on medical processes. 

Per day, these healthcare professionals will prepare multiple bills – picking up immediately from the medical coder in the revenue cycle. To do this efficiently, the clerks at your local billing management agency in Sarasota are well-versed with medical terminology. Additionally, they should know the current forms of CPT, ICD and HCPCS.   

This thirst for skilled professionals who can accurately process and handle medical data will only grow in the next five years. 

Advanced customer care

You might think that once the monies are collected, the duty of a billing agency is complete. We beg to differ! Proving customer and client satisfaction is integral to the future of the healthcare industry. The best agencies want to support you in providing this. Find a billing management agency in Sarasota who will pick up the phone and talk to your patients on your behalf. For example – Accelerated Medical. We are proud to offer this service to our clients to help you streamline your own processes. 

Find a billing management agency Sarasota

So as you can see, finding a reliable agency to handle your clinic’s medical billing should be high on your list. 

We advise discussing your needs with a few agencies nearby to find the perfect solution. Remember, Accelerated Medical offers a free consultation before you commit to working with us. All of our medical billing solutions are 100% customized to suit the needs of your clinic. This means you are welcome to outsource as much as you need to us. 

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