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The certified professional medical coder is a valuable part of your medical practice in Sarasota. Coders serve as a resource for physicians and other professionals. They provide accurate documentation regarding a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, in addition to medical equipment at the practice. Coding keeps notes and records clear and up to date, thereby improving the billing process.  Their value lies in their accuracy and knowledge because they provide the information from which insurance agencies pay claims.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Coding

  1. Saving time and money – Recruiting the highly-detailed and compliance-driven individuals to provide professional coding services takes time, effort, and money. Additionally, there is the lengthy onboarding process, not to mention payrolling, and providing benefits for a staffed certified professional medical coder. All of the above consumes precious resources. Choosing an agency for the coding needs of your Sarasota practice reduces overhead, as well as saves the office team and physicians’ precious time.
  2. Up to date knowledge and certification – The health care industry is constantly changing and staying abreast of the latest information and coding is vital. When outsourcing, you can be guaranteed that any person who handles your patient and practice information is currently certified and maintains continuing education.
  3. Focused care – Your staff is free to work in their area of expertise, thereby providing a better office experience for your Sarasota patients. Not only this, but your employees will be more productive and have greater work satisfaction.
  4. Accuracy – Certified professional medical coders do one thing and do it well. Their only concern is to provide error-free coding to avoid mistakes, denial of claims, and delays in payment.
  5. Quality and Transparency – Your coding agency will be up to date and in compliance with regulatory needs and, what is more, they will inspect their own processes. Likewise, they are transparent with you, the client, at every step.

Why this matters to your practice

Medical coding is complex, and like the healthcare landscape, it changes and adjusts frequently. For your benefit, it is important to know that your practice is in the hands of certified professionals. You can be confident knowing their sole job is to understand coding, regulations, patient care, and proper documentation. Their one and only job is to get it right, so you get paid. The benefits of outsourcing matter because the financial outcomes of your Sarasota practice are at stake.

Matching Benefits and Exceeding Expectations

All professional medical coders at Accelerated Medical Billing are certified with years of field experience. It is important to us that the professionals who service your Sarasota practice are continually educated on rules, regulations, and best practices. When we partner with you, we understand that trust and communication are non-negotiable, and you will therefore have access to your information and data at all times.

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We are a team of experts who believe in partnership. Our goal is to provide the excellence of service your practice, staff, and indeed, your patients deserve. Our certified professional medical coders will help your practice navigate the complex legal and regulatory requirements in healthcare.

Customized Solutions

Not only do we offer certified professional medical coder services for our clients in Sarasota, but we also offer a host of additional services such as establishing value-based payment systems for your practice, new practice startup, and transition support. We also provide professional medical billing and collection solutions. Our solutions are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

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Our mission is to help you maximize revenues. We do this by providing the financial and administrative knowledgebase so that you, the independent practice, can thrive in a changing healthcare environment.

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Call 727-781-8460 today for a complimentary consultation. We will assess your Sarasota practice and develop a plan aligned with your stated goals. Providing the services of a certified professional medical coder may just be the tip of the iceberg for your practice. We commit to working with you to determine and strategize the best path forward through every step of the revenue cycle.  Send us an email with any questions or concerns you may have or to schedule a consultation.