Billing Systems For Healthcare | Sarasota

Hospitals and medical offices must receive payment for their services. At Accelerated Medical, we ensure a billing system for healthcare that utilizes top medical billing software and appropriate billing systems. This way, claim management, and billing processes run cleanly and efficiently in Sarasota.

In addition, we have the latest technology and stay on top of any new coding updates. The professionals at Accelerated Medical Billing provide an array of benefits with our customized billing solutions.

The Different Billing Systems For Health Care

There are three different billing systems in health care, including closed, open, and isolated systems. A closed billing system essentially means that you cannot do transfers. Hence, you can’t collaborate with other healthcare facilities and doctors.

On the other hand, an open system requires medical billing software that can communicate. This way, you can make transfers accordingly. Lastly, an isolated medical billing system works in a way that the patient manages and holds their own records. These records are entirely isolated from healthcare professionals and facilities.

What Kind Of Records Do Open And Closed Systems Use?

What makes a billing system closed, open, or isolated is dependent on the kind of record and medical billing software used. An open system utilizes EHRs, otherwise known as electronic health records. In contrast, a closed system uses EMRs or electronic medical records. They serve vastly different purposes, so what’s the difference?

EHRs For Open Billing Systems

What’s the difference between EHRs and EMRs? They’re both digital versions of medical records, but EHRs provide a fuller scope of health information that is open to be shared with other healthcare professionals and facilities. Your EHR will contain information such as,

  • Test results
  • Demographics
  • Medical history
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Diagnoses

EHRs are an example of an open medical billing system because they’re highly collaborative. The software allows for communication to other practices and health care professionals. Furthermore, EHRs can significantly improve patient care and health care outcomes. When your healthcare provider has easy access to all of this data, they can make more reliable prescriptions and enhance patient data security and privacy.

EMR’s For Closed Billing Systems

EMRs are used for closed billing systems because they are only used at one practice; they aren’t sent to other facilities or healthcare workers. They’re essentially a digital copy of a paper chart. Similar to EHRs, these records are used to improve various aspects of health care.

When you’re choosing a system for your practice, records will play a significant role in this process. No system is necessarily better than another one. It all comes down to what is going to work best for your specific practice.

Improve Performance By Outsourcing Medical Billing

By outsourcing your medical billing, we can create customized solutions that best fit your personal preferences. Not to mention you can,

  • Enhance efficiency regarding practice costs
  • Create more time for daily staff duties
  • Reduce coding and billing mistakes
  • Rely on dependable security

Securing Patient Data

The information that your practice gathers from patients is sensitive. The data must stay secure. But hackers will try their hardest to get in and steal information. Your IT department has security set in place. However, our team of professionals specializes in safeguarding patient data.

Your IT department can utilize their time more wisely with other tasks while our team ensures patient data stays secure, which we do not take lightly. We have thorough security set in place, so sensitive data isn’t available to hackers.

Reduce Coding Mistakes

It would be impossible to avoid every single mistake. But a professional with vast experience in billing and coding will cut down the chance of potential coding mishaps.

A medical billing business also has the time and recourses to catch mistakes quickly and find a resolution. In comparison, your team is already occupied with many things to do around your practice.

Customized Medical Billing Solutions

A customized billing service means an outcome to fit your preferences. You won’t have to settle for a one size fits all medical billing solution. Not to mention, paper-based medical billing solutions are time-consuming. Switching to an automated medical billing and coding approach is much more time-efficient. Which is just one example of how outsourcing billing functions can be beneficial.


The different billing systems available for healthcare all have their pros and cons. At the end of the day, it comes down to what’s fits best personally. If you’re looking to outsource your billing functions in Sarasota, you can contact us online or give us a call at 727-781-8460.