Billing Management Agency | Sarasota

Every Sarasota-based medical practice has a choice to either manage their billing in-house or outsource to a reputable agency. Accelerated Medical Billing is a trusted billing management agency servicing Sarasota and surrounding areas. We offer customized solutions to fit each of our client’s needs because we understand that not all practices are the same.

Benefits of a Billing Management Agency

There are many ways your practice can benefit from utilizing a third party for managing your billing. There is special expertise required to navigate health maintenance and preferred provider organizations. Often times private medical practices do not have the funds or the personnel to spare for training in these specialties. This is when an outside billing service provider can greatly benefit the Sarasota practice by relieving stress, pressure, and liability from the shoulders of the staff. It can be a very cost-effective solution.

Increased accuracy in coding and billing

Claims submitted to insurance carriers have fewer denials when coding is accurate, meaning payment will be processed more quickly

Reduce current staff duties

When you take advantage of a billing management agency, employees do not need to be trained to perform multiple duties. They are able to focus on their area of expertise and provide better and more patient-centered service. The practice may also save budgeting and payroll dollars when they do not have to pay for in-house billing or coding experts.

Managing claims

If perchance, an insurance claim is denied, your in-house staff does not have to spend their precious time running down the problem, appealing, and correcting issues. Your billing management agency will handle this time-consuming challenge for you as well.


Accelerated Medical Billing will also provide collections services, freeing your Sarasota staff to focus on what they do best. The staff will not have to make repeated calls to patients for payment, work out payment arrangements, etc.

Better patient experience

Ultimately, as medical professionals, you would like your Sarasota patients to have a good experience from beginning to end. Statistically, if patients are pleased with their service and they find that the process of paying their bill is easy, they are more likely to pay, and moreover, do so in a timely fashion. When staff is focused on their job and stress is eliminated as much as possible, patients visiting your practice have a better experience with your staff. An outside billing management agency can ensure this is the case for you.

Features of Accelerated Medical Billing

  • Customized solutions are specific to your practice need and goals.
  • Local team support.
  • Personal service from people you know and can reach and talk to at any time.
  • Full practice service solutions from back end to front end.
  • Complete transparency at every stage of service.
  • Skilled, experienced, and certified billing management agency professionals.

Our Mission

Helping you maximize your practice revenues is the driving focus of Accelerated Medical Billing. We do this by providing you the financial and administrative knowledge base you need to maximize your Sarasota practice revenues. Our mission is to design solutions for you and be your revenue cycle resource, furthermore, we aim to create a long-term relationship that supports all decisions to support the future of your practice.

Accelerated Medical Billing offers our practice clients more than just billing management; in fact, our suite of offerings also includes New Practice Start-Up, Practice Valuations, and Pricing, and Practice Transition Support. Not only this but consulting with us may even shed light on hidden revenue streams within your Sarasota practice. We are here to help you determine the best path for your practice and can help you make any decision for the benefit of your business and set you up for success.

Contact Us

Contact us online or call us at 727-781-8460 to discuss options for your practice. We service practices in Sarasota and surrounding areas. All of our professionals are certified with years of experience in the field. When you consult with us, we will do a full assessment of your practice and then aid you in determining where you want to be and partner with you to create and execute the solution to get you there.