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12 Aug

The Best Coding and Collections Agency in Sarasota

A challenge for many medical practitioners is managing the aspects of their business that go beyond patient care. Your administrative skills and ability to manage your staff and finances are major contributors to the success of your practice. However, keeping on top of your medical coding and other correspondence with insurance companies is time-consuming. You never want to sacrifice patient care for the sake of managing your practice, yet your revenue contributes to the quality of care you provide. As a result, finding the best coding and collections agency in Sarasota would work in your favor. 

You need to keep your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) up to par so that collecting and managing your revenue keeps you solvent. A successful RCM is at the heart of every successful practice allowing you to maintain financial viability and quality care. Here’s how working with Accelerated Medical can help your practice improve your RCM.

Medical Code is a Necessity

Coding is the only way to ensure you receive compensation for the service provided. Proper coding is essential to your success. The coding and collections agency Sarasota practices hire understand coding for each diagnosis, service, and piece of equipment in hand with modifiers for any special circumstances not commonly used on general coding.

Coding keeps notes and records clear and up to date while improving the billing process with insurance companies. The codes are assigned by the American Academy of Professional Coders so there is a code to correspond with every diagnosis, procedure, and other documentation regarding patient care. We understand these codes and will use them properly to avoid delays, mistakes, and denials.

Remain Up to Date on Coding Protocols

Currently, the coding and collections code in the U.S. is called ICD-11. Understanding how to use the code is the only way to improve your income. We ensure all coding is up to date and can even help keep your team informed of changes that affect your practice. Accelerated Medical Billing excels in this area because we understand the importance of continued education for billing and medical coding. We help guarantee standards are met while also contributing to healthy RCM.

Controlling the Process

We understand how easy it is to lose control of your process. Our goal is to ensure we design a customized medical billing solution that addresses your needs from sign-in through patient collections. Nothing is missed and your entire team understands how everything works. We address the key issues that are keeping you from having an effective RCM process. We also take over monitoring underpaid or unpaid claims to improve the money you receive.

The Coding and Collections Agency Sarasota Practices Hire Maximize Claim Returns

When you work with our coding and collections agency Sarasota practices will see results with maximized claim returns. Our process and understanding of coding and collections allow us to meet that golden standard practitioners aspire to reach with payment of more than 98% of claims submitted. We will meet or exceed your goals because we immediately improve accuracy before the first claim is entered. Our coders ensure accuracy in:

We also communicate with front line staff to collect outstanding money. Our team maximizes quick turnarounds and minimizes your growing stack of aging receivables.

Our services don’t end with collection; support extends to your patients and clinic staff. We manage all the financial aspects of healthcare so you can focus on patient care.

If you would like assistance from the best coding and collections agency Sarasota offers, reach out the Accelerated Medical today at (727) 781-8460 or contact us online.

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